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Cpa Claimer Generation Offers PPC Advertising and CPI Mobile App Installs


Display Ads

We offer customizable interstitial ads, native ads, pushup ads, banner ads, and pop under ads. These display ad options will detect your visitors location and device to display targeted PPC and CPI ads. If your visitor clicks on an ad or installs a mobile app, you earn! Each display option can be customized to match your website, Wordpress site, or mobile app perfectly.

Affiliate Products

We have over 100 affiliate products ready for your promotion. Our affiliate products allow anyone to share a link on social media and earn in minutes - no design skills or website required! All affiliate products are exclusive to Cpa Claimer.

Mobile Monetization

Increase your Android and iOS app revenue with CPI mobile app installs and our PPC advertising solutions. While our network is known for our mobile CPI & PPC pop under ads, banner ads, and interstitial ads, we also offer robust offerwall and content locking solutions as well.


Self Serve Advertising

Our self serve CPA, CPI, & PPC advertising platform drives high value mobile and destkop traffic to Cpa Claimer generation offers and CPI mobile app install campaigns. Setting up a CPA, PPC, or CPI campaign takes only a few minutes and the approval proccess typically takes less than 5 hours. To get started, please take a few minutes to Sign up

Global Reach

With over 700,000 traffic sources, month after month millions of people interact with offers provided by our self serve CPA, CPI, and PPC advertisers. No matter which country you choose, we will provide you the fills you need.

Low Entry, Low Risk

We believe that no one should commit to a large CPA, CPI, or PPC advertising budget without having the ability to test our traffic quality first. This is why our minimum deposit requirement is only $100. We are confident you will value our CPI and PPC traffic quality.

We're not the only ones excited happy thrilled about Cpa Claimer...

350,000 members use Cpa Claimer for Cpa Claimer Gen Offers, CPI Mobile App Installs, and Website Monetization.